Draft Submission (Big Freeze): 11 March 2011

Final Submission: 6 May 2011

So, in some classes, you get done with the homework, turn in a paper, finish a lab report, and you wonder “okay, what good is the work that I’ve done?” Well, here, we’re doing something a little different: you’re going to contribute in some meaningful way to the critical resources available to scholars, by contributing to and changing the shape of the archival knowledge we have of Arthur.

Your project, this semester, is to leave the digital archive of the Internet a little cleaner and more robust than you received it. You can do this in a number of ways, all of which involve digital media (wikis, blogs, eBooks, and so on). You will start by looking at and eventually playing with some of the project wiki entries in the Course Wiki on Blackboard. On the 11th of March, I’ll freeze everything for editing and take a look at what you’ve got. Then, I’ll comment on your progress, and open everything back up for editing. At the end of the course, we’ll post everything to its proper home, and go from there.


But I liked writing a paper!Edit

If you’re not sure if you are willing to do this project, at least give it a shot. But if you genuinely cannot do this project for reasons technological (e.g. I don’t have a computer at home) or personal (e.g. I don’t have the time and technological knowledge to do this well), I understand, and will gladly discuss alternative, paper-based projects.

But you should know: this paper should still be something that, had you time and resources, you would use to contribute to the world’s understanding of Arthurian literature—whether that’s a better paper assignment, a new edition of a text, a use for modern literature in the medieval classroom, or what have you.

So anywayEdit

Whatever you choose to do, talk to me about it first. We’ll discuss these projects in class from time to time, and I’ll be looking in on your progress even before the Big Freeze in March. But for now, pick something fun and get to it.

All the best,

Jacob Lewis