Wikipedia is full of exciting Arthuriana, and I encourage you to wikisurf for a while and come up with some really sad Arthurian topic in need of TLC (note: Not this). To get you started, though, I've made a little list. Remember that entries on authors might be different from entries on works, and that if you want to work on, say, Parzival, that's not the same as working on the entry for Wolfram.

Some RulesEdit

  1. As you find articles to work on, add them to this list.
  2. Please tell me what you've signed up to do, and DON'T EDIT OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF. Malicious edits will lose you points, and possibly result in failure for the assignment. I know this is the internet, but please avoid the temptation to behave like you're five years old.
  3. Please copy the text from Wikipedia into your entry on this wiki and play with it there. I don't want you messing with the real thing until the end of class, and I DO want you making edits that I can track.
  4. Academic honesty rules still apply; give credit where credit's due.
  5. Wikipedia's rules of verifiability and accountability also apply here. Use sourced material, and don't use copyrighted material without permission.

The ListEdit

Chronicle SourcesEdit




  • The Knight of the Parrot
  • The Perilous Cemetary
  • Dame Reginall


Actually, this may be tough; both the article on Malory and Le Morte Darthur are pretty solid; LMD does need some minor cleanup, but it's not as substantial a project as you might think. But there's always:

Arthur on FilmEdit

Although here, you should focus your work on the "accuracy" and "mythological links" sections.

  • King Arthur
  • First Knight
  • Parzival