Weapons/Armor of Arthur and His KnightsEdit


  • Description-King Arthur's sword in most Arthurian literature.
  • Appearance-Very Sharp


  • Description-The sword of peace originally used by Arthur and later Mordred.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-Arthur's dagger.
  • Appearance-Patterns on Dagger


  • Description-Arthur's spear. Also called "Ron".
  • Appearance-


  • Description-A dagger wielded by Arthur.
  • Appearance-sharp

Fail NotEdit

  • Description-Tristan's bow.
  • Appearance-

The Bleeding LanceEdit

  • Description-A lance connected to The Grail Cyle, but never possesed by any knight.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-A sword wielded by Arthur, only mentioned once in The Knight of the Parrot.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-The sword used by Galahad's father, Ban.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-The chain-mail shirt worn by Arthur.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-The sword of Sir Gawain.
  • Appearance-

Grail SwordEdit

  • Description-The sword given to Perceval by the Fisher King.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-The sword of King Rion, taken from him by King Arthur during single-combat.
  • Appearance-


  • Description-Arthur's sword in "The Faerie Queen".
  • Appearance-


  • Description-Sir Lancelot's sword in the Vulgate Cycle.
  • Appearance-

Shield of EvalachEdit

  • Description-A shield won by Sir Galahad.
  • Appearance-

Shield of Joseph of AramatheaEdit

  • Description-A shield used by Perceval to defeat the Knight of the Burning Dragon.
  • Appearance-

Shield of Judas MaccabeeEdit

  • Description-A shield won by Gawain in Perlesvaus.
  • Appearance-

Sword in the Floating StoneEdit

  • Description-Pulled from a floating block of marble by Galahad.
  • Appearance-

Sword with the Strange BeltEdit

  • Description-Said to have been awarded to either Perceval or Galahad, depending on the text.
  • Appearance-

Sword in the StoneEdit

  • Description-The sword granting rule of Britain that Arthur pulled from the stone.
  • Appearance-

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